Little Known Facts About Nug cartridge.

Nug cartridge
Live, laugh, vape The key to the NUG vapes being different than most is the ability to live, laugh and vape – with live resin of course. Most vape cartridges on the market today begin with a distillate base, but not NUGs. Our vape carts are filled with activated live resin and that’s not the only reason they’re better than the rest. The purely grown California plants are fresh frozen from the point of harvest. And if you didn’t know – when freezing flower prior to extraction, you’re preserving the flavors, aromas and effects that constitute the unique essence of the cannabis plant. Like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers being more aromatic than a bouquet that’s been left in a vase for days. This step in our vape manufacturing process ensures that our cannabis connoisseurs are puffing on the pureness of properly cultivated plants.Terpenes are fully conserved, so not only do NUG vapes harness the height of cannabis freshness but the peaks in flavors too. Making sure users receive the utmost in quality concentrations with the utter convenience vape lovers crave.

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