Are Terpenes more important than the THC percentage?

We decided to take a deeper look into these questions and make some recommendations while we’re at it. Terpenes can be described as organic compounds formed inside the trichomes that give cannabis its unique aroma and flavor as well as assist and influence its effects by interacting with other cannabinoids. This interaction with other cannabinoids is referred to as, the ‘entourage effect’. There are currently over 200 identified terpenes present in cannabis but they are in no way unique to cannabis and can be found in all types of organic compounds in nature actually – most notably in fruits, plants, and spices. This is in fact, why cannabis has such a vast array of flavors and aromas that can be present in its unending assortment of strains. But besides their unique flavor and aroma, what do they have to do with your high? “Terpenes are the driver behind the steering wheel and the THC is the bus”. This indeed is not too far from the truth as terpenes decide how THC and other cannabinoids like CBD will affect your high and the medical benefits your body will experience. We then pose the question: If terpenes steer the THC bus then which compound is more important? Well, you can’t have one without the other, so the answer is a bit more complex than what is simply “better”. The simple answer is that both are equally important. However, choosing the right terpene profile for the effects and medical benefits you’re seeking is more important than choosing the highest THC percentage. For example, if you’re seeking the anti-anxiety effects of cannabis, choosing a strain high in the terpene linalool would be more important than choosing a strain with the highest THC content. Additionally, if you’re seeking mental alertness effects of cannabis, a strain that’s high in Pinene will be much more effective than the same strain with no Pinene but a high THC percentage. We hope this helps give some clarity when choosing the appropriate strain for your needs. Now since we know the importance of both Terpenes and THC in relation to each other, let’s talk about how to make sure your cannabis product can deliver the best experience and therapeutic benefits. To make sure your cannabis product has all of its desired potential, we have to talk about the term we mentioned earlier; ‘full spectrum’. Full-spectrum is referred to as a cannabis extract or product that contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. One of the best ways to tap into this potential is, by smoking fresh flower, however what about other cannabis products? Let’s take vape carts for example. To make a vape cart with the highest spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profile, it first comes down to the way the flower is harvested. Since terpenes are very fragile and can be broken down by the change in temperature and/or moisture levels, their presence is most concentrated in the flower that is ready to be harvested. For the plant to maintain all of its naturally occurring cannabinoids, the flower has to be either instantly put through extraction right upon harvest or frozen at or below -38°F right to maintain its freshness until extraction. This where the terms ‘fresh frozen’ and ‘live resin’ come from. Since the plant never has time to begin to degrade or dry out, you are indeed extracting the live plant… hence the term ‘live resin’. The next important step that will dictate the most optimal terpene and cannabinoid presence is the extraction method. This is where most terpenes are lost and a lot of companies have to resort to adding either cannabis-derived or non cannabis derived terpenes back in. While this is not a terrible practice and can guarantee a more consistent outcome, it does not yield the most accurate representation of the cannabis plant. What you want to look for is a manufacturer that not only uses ‘fresh-frozen’ flowers, but has also figured out a way to maintain all of it’s original organic compounds in a safe and sound way through the extraction process.  At NUG, through years of innovation and R&D, they have figured out a proprietary extraction method that keeps all of the precious terpenes and cannabinoids intact. This is why we believe that they have truly created a vape cart that is the most accurate representation of the cannabis plant. This means that you’re able to take full advantage of the most optimal cannabis experience and the full therapeutic benefits the plant has to offer. Yes, we know we sounded a little biased and there are some other brands that have come close but we firmly believe we’re leading the charge when it comes to vape carts.

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